Latest Audience Listening Figures in Northern Ireland

rajarThe RAJAR quarterly radio audience report
just published shows that among Northern Ireland’s radio stations the BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle combo again leads the pack with 538000 listeners (reach 36%).

  • COOL FM’s reach is up from 37% to 39% with 391000 listeners.
  • RAJAR reports  “In Northern Ireland, U105 has recorded its best ever reach, with 237,000 listeners [27%] up from 189,000 a year ago.
  •  “Downtown Country – the DAB station – increased its debut figure from 85,000 to 89,000 listeners from last quarter.” (6%)
  • Downtown with 217,000 listeners has a share of 15%
  • Q Belfast’s City Beat 132,000 listeners and  23% share
  • While the rest of the Q Network shares 126000 listeners and a 20% share.

More detail on the RAJAR website.

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