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“What are the keywords to describe this podcast?” I wonder.

Media, technology, entertainment, start-ups, business. They are good, but something more … Let’s say people, personality, innovation, ideas. You get my drift.

It’s a long time since I last made a series of podcasts. Podcasting has become a lot more popular. There are all sorts of new ways to publish a podcast. And I haven’t done an interview in a long time. So, I want to start from the beginning – especially as I am now teaching people how to produce podcast content. So I’m starting with a pilot – maybe even a second pilot later.

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Martin Gilchrist

My first interviewee for this podcast series is Martin Gilchrist. We met in The MAC in Belfast.  The MAC is a popular and accessible arts centre in the city. Popular with people interested in the arts, of course. But also a place where people involved in tech and startup businesses hang out sometimes.

Martin has been observing and participating in the startup community for as long as I have. The plan for this series is to talk with people, go to events, and get an idea of what’s happening.

Since I first started doing podcasts almost eight years ago, the impact of technology on business, journalism, tourism and other things I’m interested in has been enormous. So I hope that what I cover in these podcasts will be as wide as the subjects I’m interested in.

I’m Davy Sims and this is my podcast . I haven’t got a title yet, though.


If you want to ask Martin any questions or make comments or suggest other people I should talk to , then leave a message in the comments section.

Martin’s Website

We met at the MAC, Belfast’s Metropolitan Arts Centre.

One of the businesses we talked about was BrewBot 

2 thoughts on “Pilot Podcast – Martin Gilchrist

  • Good work on this gents, interesting conversation. Only thing I’ll add is that historically we lose people, but they generally come back with a richer skill and experience base – a lot of people attribute this to the whole “fighting above our weight” ability we are reported to have. Also a huge point about moving east, the popular skill and education level starts high in the west and then travels east, followed by manual labour, then skilled labour, then services. Its a huge market our people need to be aware of.

  • Thanks Declan. Good points and some to take up in further editions. One point made to me in a conversation subsequently was that the difficulty very small digital agencies have here is not the exit of talent, but competing with the major large businesses to get highly skilled staff.

    We’ll give you a call soon.

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