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In this edition of Podcasting For I’m talking to Cheyenne Hohman, the Managing Director of the Free Music Archive


When I started planning this Podcasting For podcast, I searched around the Internet to find music I could use. I knew expensive licences were needed for using commercial music. Read about using commercial music here in the article about PRS.


So I searched “rights free music”. Many of the sites I found offered music that was rights free, but you still needed to buy a licence – sometimes an expensive one.
Then I searched “open source music” and found a treasure trove called the Free Music Archive. That’s where I found the music I use in the PodastingFor podcast – Cloudline from the Blue Dot sessions.


There was a massive resource of all types and genres of music. I was a happy as a pig in well, you know.


But I wanted to find out more, I wanted to know if I could recommend the Free Music Archive at to other podcasters – but also to friends who love to explore music – and right away I can say, yes I do recommend it.
Cheyenne told me about the site, where it emerged from, how music lover, podcasters, video makers and musicians use it.


If you are not a podcaster, but love to explore music, is a place to expand your music experience.


podcast-logo-300x300You can download or subscribe to the podcast from iTunes


Find out more than you thought you ever needed to know at or search Amazon for the ebook Podcasting for Communities.

The Book – Podcasting for Communities



The ccmusic used in the podcast is  Cloudline from the Blue Dot Sessions’ Album K4. Find it on the Free Music Archive.  Cloud Line by Blue Dot Sessions is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.

You can listen to the track in full here

The Book – Podcasting for Communities


Podcasting for Communities is not meant to be a book you begin reading at page one and work your way through. It is intended to be something you refer to when you want to understand or learn more about radio production and podcasting. The book is available for Kindle from Amazon.
It is equally relevant to community radio broadcasters, producers and managers.

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