Johnny Seifert: podcast and radio producer


There are two versions of this edition. This is the shorter one. The other is the downloadable version. You can find it below.  In the longer version my guest Johnny Seifert spends extra time talking about editing on Audacity. All will be explained.
Johnny Seifert is part of the production team at TalkRADIO in London. He is the showbiz expert and a producer on the Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast show. For his day to day work, he does the recorded and live showbiz bulletins, and he books and interviews celebrity guests.  He also produces a weekly podcast made from the best bits from Paul Ross’s show.
He is something of a radio enthusiast as well as being an award winning radio professional and a member of the Radio Academy.
Johnny’s a radio producer and that’s what I wanted to talk to him about. I wanted to hear what it is that he does to produce a podcast. That’s mostly in a studio cutting and mixing audio.
He talks about structure, planning and mixing a podcast and he talks about editing on Audacity in the longer version of this podcast.
In the book Podcasting for Communities, there is a long section on structure, … how and what to plan, simple approaches and more complex structures. But don’t get caught up in that as you are starting out. Sometimes the structure is no more than “Hello — Here’s the story — Bye bye”.
One of the thornier problems for you and me is using music. TalkRADIO and other professional radio stations will have licences for playing music. You and I can buy a licence, but they are expensive.
You can read about using commercial music on your podcasts here in this article about the Performing Rights Society.
Johnny also talks about microphones and recording on an iPhone. There is more about microphones and audio recording here.
This is Johnny’s Web Page
Follow him here on Twitter
The Paul Ross Full Set Breakfast show is here


The ccmusic used in the podcast is  Cloudline from the Blue Dot Sessions’ Album K4. Find it on the Free Music Archive.  Cloud Line by Blue Dot Sessions is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.

You can listen to the track in full here

The Book – Podcasting for Communities

podcasting-for-communities-book-coverPodcasting for Communities is not meant to be a book you begin reading at page one and work your way through. It is intended to be something you refer to when you want to understand or learn more about radio production and podcasting. The book is available for Kindle from Amazon.

 It is equally relevant to community radio broadcasters, producers and managers.

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