Jukedeck: a new way to find music for your podcast

Once again we turn our attention to music.

I like music. I like music in podcasts. But as I have pointed out on the blog and in earlier episodes, using music is complicated.

You can’t use just any song or instrumental, unless you have a license and that can cost a lot of money – see the blogpost on PRS.

In an earlier podcast I spoke to Cheyenne Hohman of the Free Music Archive which is a fantastic resource of over 100,000 pieces of music, many of them free to used in a podcast or video.

In London a new start up called Jukedeck is using artificial intelligence to create unique music. Anyone can use it – musician or not.  And there is no cost.

All the music used in this edition of the podcast comes from Jukedeck.

The website says “Unlike other music sites, we give you our music completely royalty-free. Once you’ve downloaded it, it’s yours to do with as you please – you’ll never pay any royalties.”

Jukedeck has its origins at Cambridge University, where a team of composers, producers, engineers, academics and machine learning experts got together.

There is a pricing plan if you want a more serious relationship with Jukedeck. So for example if you subscribe to Jukedeck Gold, you can download your music with higher quality audio – in WAV form instead of MP3.

Find out more about Jukedeck at jukedeck.com.

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