The keywords for this podcast are Creativity, Innovation, Tech, Media and Investment and the subject of this episode can be tagged with all those words. Matthew Scott is the CEO of Navada Group. The company’s mission, they say, “is to empower your digital audiences to ‘become the story’”. It’s a digital media company, But, that phrase isn’t quite the right description.


I’ve known Matt for more than 10 years – since the early days of his career and I wanted to get behind the straplines and marketing pitch and discover what Navada is, what Matt does and what the company plans for the future.

Navada HQ is in Newcastle Upon Tyne, but it has a presence in Belfast, London, New York and about to open an office in Sweden. But the founder is from Bangor. He lives there now in preparation for a major development expected to be announced officially in June. Matthew Scott says that for the last three and a half years, Navada has been in R&D Mode and this year they will launch their single biggest investment — between 30 and 50 digital media channels.

Earlier this week, I nipped down to Matt’s place, sat in the front room and began to record.

Matthew on LinkedIn, and on Twitter

Coming up next week, Funding creativity and bootstrapping Innovation. Whether your passion is music or tech, design or development, a business cannot run on adrenaline alone. What happens when it’s time to reimburse the flautist? I’ll be talking to two experts in money, how to get it, how to spend it and how to protect yourself – Vasiliki Carson of Sapphire Capital and Martin Gilchrist of Gilchrist and Co. If you are running a small business particularly in the tech and creative industries sector you should not miss this.

Guests are already lined up for the show for the rest of April and for May. We’ll be hearing from Oh Yeah’s Charlotte Dryden, and in a separate episode I’ll interview Oh Yeah founder Stuart Baillie whose new book Trouble Songs will be published in May.

We’ll have reflections on Belfast Women Techmakers summit after the event on the 13 April. We’ll be talking more about innovation and creativity, virtual reality and whatever catches my attention.

And there are plans for more episodes during the summer.

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