I am a broadcaster, podcaster, lecturer, writer and author. I live in Northern Ireland but spend time in Slovenia. I also do some work in Dublin, Ireland. 

I’ve written books on Bled Slovenia and Podcasting. 

After decades away from being behind the microphone, I’m presenting a world music show on internet radio station Slice Audio, (more here and playlists and so on here). The show is online from 19h00 to 21h00 UTC on Fridays, repeated at 03h00 Saturdays.

I do training with community organisations to produce their own podcasts and doing the occasional episode myself here here and here.

I began broadcasting in 1978 as a presenter on Downtown Radio where I was best known for championing young rock bands from Ireland, north and south. I contributed to the early development of the Youth Programmes genre. In 1986 with a move to BBC Radio Ulster where I founded The Bottom Line (now 30+ years on still going as Across The Line). Within three years it was to London for BBC Radios 1 and 4 producing social action programmes and documentaries. As Chief Producer I led Youth Programmes department before returning to Belfast to work in current affairs, religious affairs, magazine and music programmes before becoming the first producer in BBC Northern Ireland Online. From 2001 to 2008 I was Editor New Media leading a team producing web, interactive TV, mobile and community outreach.

I now present music programmes on the internet radio station Slice.Audio with a particular interest in world/ethno music.

Since 2008 I have  worked in media and technology. In recent years, I have spent considerable amount of time in Slovenia where I consult on digital tourism, social media and emerging platforms. I have taught both Online Analytics and Radio Production in Dublin Business School to BA Journalism students and have been a guest lecturer in University of Ljubljana.

I have won awards for radio and web production in Belfast, London, Dublin and New York.

Between 2011 and 2013 I worked as Head of Social media in the youth activism project Public Achievement and led the media training project WIMPS (Where is my public servant?) 

I am also a non executive director of Argyle Business Centre on Belfast’s Shankill Road and, until its closure in January 2016, Achieve Enterprises, the social enterprise arm of Public Achievement.

If you find all that desperately interesting there’s more on