March 31, 2013


I began broadcasting in 1978 as a presenter on Downtown Radio where I was best known for championing young rock bands from Ireland, North and South. I contributed to the early development of the Youth Programmes genre. In 1986 with a move to BBC Radio Ulster where I founded The Bottom Line (now 30 years on still going as Across The Line). Within three years it was to London for BBC Radios 1 and 4 producing social action programmes and documentaries. As Chief Producer I led Youth Programmes department before returning to Belfast to work in current affairs, religious affairs, magazine and music programmes before becoming the first producer in BBC Northern Ireland Online. From 2001 to 2008 I was Editor New Media leading a team producing web, interactive TV, mobile and community outreach.

Since 2008 I have  worked in media and technology. I try to spend half of the year in Slovenia where I consult on Digital Tourism, social media and emerging platforms. I teach Radio Production in Dublin Business School and am a guest lecturer in University of Ljubljana.

I have won several awards for radio and web production in London, Dublin and New York.

I am also a non executive director of Argyle Business Centre on Belfast’s Shankill Road and until its closure in January 2016, Achieve Enterprises, the social enterprise arm of Public Achievement.

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4 thoughts on “About

  • Hi Davy

    Just been reading your ‘about page’ and I am desperate to look for work in Slovenia (Lake Bled of course!).

    Any tips / advice on how to find work. Can throw my CV your way if you know of any places to share. I can’t speak Slovene, but would give it a damn hard go!

  • Hi davy,Darren Carson. I hope to be a presenter on Belfast FM. I’m very friendly with j.r. I was a news presenter on downtown radio for a while and loved every minute of it. I now present my own prog on Belfast’s NVTV. Hope to meet you soon. All the best for now.

  • Hi Davy

    I am beginning to feel like a bad penny! Found you here by accident and thought I would say hello.
    Looking forward to my debut on 28 June – see you soon!


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