The search continues. Undeterred by almost total failure to find music worth listening to in Montenegro we cross the border into what was post 1945 until the fall of its communist government in the wave of change in the end of the 1980s. Changes in Albania began in December 1990. Albania was surrounded by Yugoslavia Read more about Albania[…]

bosnia flag

Bosnia and Herzegovina

It is more than a month since my last post. It is more than seasonal torpidity that has kept me back. But it is largely. I’m fully conscious that I write this for myself – if anyone happens across it and reads it all the better. If you are that person I hope you enjoy it.

This instalment comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was supposed to be in Sarajevo this week last year, but I cancelled the trip when I saw the weather forecast. Looking at the street cam for Sarajevo, there is no snow there today.

Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing – Week Ending 1 May 2016

The Eurovision Song Contest is but 2 weeks away and the non-musical pseudo political rumbles have begun. Sympathy, please for the people of Romania who will neither be represented on the Eurovision stage, even though they had a qualifier Moment of Silence by Ovidiu Anton [YouTube] or see the show on TV, but why? Find Read more about Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing – Week Ending 1 May 2016[…]