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Twitter – The Next Phase

This is the full version of my final Belfast Telegraph Twitter column. An email from Biz Stone arrives in my inbox as I sit wondering what to write in my final Word on Tweet column. By chance Biz (one of… Continue Reading →

(Very) Basic Twitter Tips for Business

This is a version of my Belfast Telegraph column from 2 Feb 2010 It is more than a year since the Great Twitter Adoption.  Within a few months Twitter stories were all over the media. @StephenFry earned acres of coverage… Continue Reading →

Twitter trends predict 2010’s zeitgeist

From Belfast Telegraph column 19 January 2010 The best way – and probably the only efficient way – to keep track of Twitter comments and conversations is the hashtag “#”.  Like all good social media, the idea of including a… Continue Reading →

A word with your customers

Belfast Telegraph Business Section have asked me to do an new monthy column as part of Web Watch – the editorial thrust is “how businesses can use the web”. In the first article I discuss using the web/internet to build a… Continue Reading →

Contains Strong Language

This week’s Belfast Telegraph column: The third series of the brilliant BBC TV comedy “The Thick of It” has come to an end.  It tells the story of the  fictional Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship and in particular the… Continue Reading →

Anaeko Profile and Podcast

Podcast available on iTunes:http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=324552612  or direct MP3 Download:   A Belfast software company has developed a product to help the public read and understand government information as it becomes available.  Anaeko, who specialise working with raw data, have developed a… Continue Reading →

Wee Man Studios – Profile

This is the original version of the Belfast Telegraph article from earlier this week.  You can hear the interview here And you can subscribe to the NITechblog Podcast here: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=324552612  A Belfast mobile games company are preparing to go head to… Continue Reading →

Belfast’s Most Influential Twitterers

This article in the Belfast Telegraph caused a fair amount of discussion and hilarity on Twitter on Tuesday when I exclusively announced the most influential and popular Users in Belfast (and Holywood, come to that).   This is the original – slightly… Continue Reading →

The World’s Editorial Page

This is my column for Belfast Telegraph for this week. Only occasionally will you find “breaking news” on Twitter. If you are following the right people and reading at the right time you might. If you follow any of the… Continue Reading →

Norn Iron on Linkedin

This from Belfast Telegraph There’s more to Social Media than Twitter, so let’s look at one of the more businesses oriented tools.  About six years old with an estimated 43 million users, Linkedin is about extending connections through existing connections…. Continue Reading →

The Tweeting Shebeen

“There was a time a few months ago I dismissed Twitter as being a total waste of time, a place where sad geeks tweeted about anything and everything they did. Now I realise that people from all walks of life… Continue Reading →

Protect Your Name – Protect Your Message

Listen! This is an update of my Belfast Telegraph column I got an email a few weeks ago. Bi11NY is following me on Twitter.  I recognise the screen name Bi11NY.  That is the name he uses for his email and… Continue Reading →

Two new Twitter applications from Northern Ireland

This article appeared in the print only edition of the Belfast Telegraph 28 July 2009 Two Web developers in Northern Ireland have each just launched Twitter based websites and applications; TweetNI.com and RTweeter.com.  TweetNI aggregates the latest messages from Northern… Continue Reading →

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