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My online plans for 2016

In 2016 I will be changing my approach to social media.

“A hashtag is not a branding exercise.”

What is a hashtag for? I was sitting with an important client. We were talking about the hashtag to be used at an event with a potentially global audience. I was looking after the webcast and social media production. The… Continue Reading →

Blogging is dead – Oh, no it’s not!

This year: Blogging is dead. Blogging is reborn. Blogging has shifted. And it’s still only January. OK So it’s February now (I spent a while thinking – about other things as it happens) and I have returned to the theme…. Continue Reading →

WIMPS at South Africa’s Media Conference for Youth

A short report written for a different blog. The coach’s engine was overheating. Outside the sun was beating down – it was 35 degrees. Inside, the coach air conditioning was on full pelt to keep us cool. And we were… Continue Reading →

Teaching Blogging in South Africa

Here are the numbers. As I write, Lake Malawe is, at a guess, fifty to one hundred miles to the west. I’m 35,000 feet above ground travelling at 568 miles an hour in an Emeritz Airbus 340-400 on a 10… Continue Reading →

String theory and the decade of anniversaries

This is a longer blog post that I would even read – let alone write. So here is the headline. The past is important we should learn from it. But it is the past. We need to think more about… Continue Reading →

Testing from Blackberry

I’ve been downloading some aps for Blackberry. Much as I enjoy blogging sometimes dragging myself to the laptop seems just too much work. So I’m wondering if this is a viable alternative; feet up watching Lewis and blogging from my… Continue Reading →

Local – A force in emerging media

This week has been marked by two almost under the wire speculative thoughts in new/social media Is the internet dead asks the Economist? “A virtual counter-revolution: The internet has been a great unifier of people, companies and online networks”. The… Continue Reading →

So that’s it for blogging, then

The kids don't blog. “Since 2006, blogging has dropped among teens and young adults while simultaneously rising among older adults. As the tools and technology embedded in social networking sites change, and use of the sites continues to grow, youth… Continue Reading →

The Tweeting Shebeen

“There was a time a few months ago I dismissed Twitter as being a total waste of time, a place where sad geeks tweeted about anything and everything they did. Now I realise that people from all walks of life… Continue Reading →

Can Journos and Bloggers live together?

It’s often fought in London, New York, LA. But has it been argued in Belfast? The Blogger and the Journalist, MSM and New Media. My view is simple – Lou Reed is a Journalist, Dr Johnson was a Journalist, anyone… Continue Reading →

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