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Firsthand Guide to Bled, Slovenia – special edition pdf

In 2017 and 2018 I published A Firsthand Guide to Bled, Slovenia. This is the 2018 edition. I’m happy to provide this to anyone interested with the advisory note that parts may well be out of date.

PEOPLE IN BLED – Župan (Mayor) of Bled

Profile – Janez Fajfar, the man who represents Bled to the world and at home.

A Firsthand Guide to Bled Slovenia – Slovenian food

This is a very small selection of items you might see on a menu. If you are a bit more hesitant about trying new tastes, give these a go as an introduction.

A Firsthand Guide to Bled – Bars and restaurants

The whole point of Firsthand Guides is to give you personal recommendations of places the writer has been. The suggestions are my personal choices. They are places I, my family and my friends like.

A Firsthand Guide to Slovenia – Events throughout the year

People come to Bled all year round, but the busiest time is, unsurprisingly, the summer. It is also the time when the town is most active. Sports events and music dominate, but there are many other cultural occasions, too.

A Firsthand Guide to Bled, Slovenia – Getting Around

This is the 2018 edition of Firsthand Guide to Bled, so a little out of date, but like its author still useful…

Janez Fajfar re-elected Mayor of Bled

Župan Janez Fajfar has been re-elected mayor of Bled once again. He was standing unopposed. Here is an interview he did for the Firsthand Guide to Bled.

Free Download – Firsthand Guide to Bled Special Edition

As a special offer, a PDF of the Special Edition of Firsthand Guide to Bled is now available to download.

Slovenian Wine – Wine Tasting and Wine Routes

There are two places to enjoy wine tasting sessions in Bled and three major wine growing regions in Slovenia to drive through.

Slovenian wine: what to drink, wine traditions, wine growing regions, St. Martin’s Day events

Wine is one of Slovenia’s biggest secrets. Celebrated every November on St. Martin’s day, only 6% is exported. Not to be missed on a visit to Slovenia

Bled Stories podcast: Antimuseum Physland Bled

Kristina Špec from the AntiMuseum in Bled takes me through Physland – a science play room for all ages.

Bled Stories podcast: Mikame Craft Shop

In the Firsthand Guide to Bled Standard and Special editions, both this and last year, I interview some of the people who make Bled the town it is. Now, I plan to release some of those interviews in a new podcast; Bled Stories.

A Firsthand Guide to Bled Slovenia

The 2018 editions of Firsthand Guide to Bled, Slovenia are now available in both paperback and Kindle format. The Shorter Edition has the basic information and reviews, Standard, information and interviews with more on Slovene wine and food and Special, which adds photos to the Standard.

Walk around Lake Bled November 2016

Over on the Lake Bled News blogs I have written a bunch of reviews of Festival Bled performances. Here’s the blog.

Reviews from Okarina Festival

  Over on the Lake Bled News Blog pages, I have written a bunch of reviews of Okarina performances this year. There are a couple of interviews two. This is the list Ester Rada and her band at Okarina Catalonia’s… Continue Reading →

On the eve of the Bled Strategic Forum

The black limousines with the darkened windows are heading up the hill to the Vila Bled again today. The BMW shuttle service brings some of the most politically influential individuals in the south western Europe and Balkans region to hotels… Continue Reading →

“I considered myself, even today, but back then when I was younger, to be a rare bird.” Leo Ličof is founder and artistic director of the Okarina Festival which celebrates its 25th anniversary this summer. We met in his restaurant… Continue Reading →

Who was the kid on vibes? During Festival Bled,  I have listened to and enjoyed more chamber music than I guess I have ever heard performed in concert before. It has been a really memorable experience, filled with learning and… Continue Reading →

Read more at LakeBledNews.com The two great producers of dance music Nile Rogers and Bernard Edwards penned and produced the classic Sister Sledge song Lost In Music. (That will give you a hint as to where my music comfort zone… Continue Reading →

There is a different excitement in the air when young people are the performers and when children make up a significant portion of the audience. And it is real excitement – anticipation of the expected and unexpected, as they gossip… Continue Reading →

It is the jaw dropping brilliance of these young musicians that makes nights like last night so memorable.  Festival Bled continued Wednesday night as a lightning storm raged over Lake Bled. The Grand Hotel Toplice was once again the venue… Continue Reading →

Originally in Festival Bled Diary Read more at www.LakeBledNews.com Read more at LakeBledNews.com It was pretty close to standing room only in the Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled last night, as the room filled with people waiting in anticipation for what was going… Continue Reading →

Bled, Classical Music, Festival, Festival Bled, Jazz, KUD Dobreč, Music, orchestra, tambura

A saxophone makes most music better. But can you imagine what 14 saxophones can do? This was a stunning performance to open the 20th Festival Bled. Rather a traditional classical concert SOS played “Golden Classics” in St Martin’s church. Better… Continue Reading →

Before Lunch It Was Sunny, Then This … from Davy Sims on Vimeo.

Originally published on Bled Film Festival Diary Some of the cast and production team of the Arnold Rikli film premier at the Bled Film Festival Arnold Rikli is held in high esteem in Bled. He is said to be the… Continue Reading →

[This article first appeared in Bled Film Festival Diary] I don’t have a car in Slovenia. So to get from my apartment to the upper terrace of Bled Castle takes about an hour to walk. The final gruelling 30 minutes… Continue Reading →

The start of the Bled Film Festival today is the beginning of a series of festivals and events that takes us from mid-June to close to the end of August with barely a break. One night last summer I left… Continue Reading →

Outstanding lunch in Outstanding lunch in Radovljica. Several types of Salami, Karst ham, sheep’s cheese, olives and cold roast pork with onion bread, three glasses of white wine, followed by snooze on bus on way home in temperatures of 30+,… Continue Reading →

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