Music: Jupiter Okwess

Three years ago, when he released his international debut album Hotel Univers, it seemed that Jupiter Bokondji would be the new hero of the African music scene. Here, after all, was a Kinshasa veteran with a real sense of danger in his singing, who had proved equally exhilarating playing live. Now, at last, comes the follow-up, and though it’s a six-track mini-album.

Free Music Archive

  Lets talk about Music In this edition of Podcasting For I’m talking to Cheyenne Hohman, the Managing Director of the Free Music Archive When I started planning this Podcasting For podcast, I searched around the Internet to find music I could use. I knew expensive licences were needed for using commercial music. Read about Read more about Free Music Archive[…]

off topic podcast

Brexit and the Creative Industries: a perspective from Ireland

I don’t intend discussing Brexit, but I offer this link to anyone interested in listening. How might musicians and Film and TV makers be affected by Brexit as seen from Dublin? It is a podcast from the Irish Times. “The Brexit effect seems to have cast a shadow of confusion and foreboding over most industries Read more about Brexit and the Creative Industries: a perspective from Ireland[…]

Patetico album cover

Patetico: from Slovenia and cooler than the Sava during the spring thaw

I found this band and album by jumping from link to link, suggestion to suggestion. starting with Laibach, through to Melodrom and the next step was Patetico. It looks like the album “Vse je v redu z mojo dušo” (Everything in my soul is good) is their first, but I can’t find out much on this Read more about Patetico: from Slovenia and cooler than the Sava during the spring thaw[…]

Dupain: From Marseilles, “Occitan” and “Celtique” music mixed with electronics and noise

It is not easy to find information (in English) about Dupain. In my continuing search to find really interesting music that I’ve not heard before, this Occitan band is my next stop, and I might hang around here for a while. Since their reformation in 2011 they have been experimenting with electronic, jazz and experimental noise. The most recent studio album is La Sòrga which I have been listening to over the last few days.

MP3 or not MP3 that is the question

Cheesy headline – sorry. So, MP3 music files are more convenient. More convenient for the user – easily available online through music distributors such as iTunes and Amazon, fast to download, portable, cheaper – if you just like one track you don’t have to buy the album. More convenient for the vendor and distributor. How much Read more about MP3 or not MP3 that is the question[…]