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This week I am listening to …

Flory Jagoda | Memories of Sarajevo I read today (17 September 2019) of the death of Jewish Bosnian singer, Flory Jagoda. Had not heard of her before, so a good reason to find some of her music . This 1989… Continue Reading →

This week I’m listening to … Week beginning 8-9-19

Building a playlist as I go

Around the World 23 August 2019 – Playlist

Before I go on air, this was the planned running order. Things change and the two “extra” tracks are to be added. The 03h00 repeat has no news which allows me to add a couple of shorties.

This week I’ve been listening to …

I’m listening to about five albums a week, usually when out walking. This week …

Around the World 14 June 2019 – Playlist

This is the playlist and the audio. Includes Afro Celt Sound System, Officina Zoe, La Bottine Souriante, Mostar Sevdah Reunion

Around the World 24 May 2019

Here is the planned running order for the show – you can hear it on Slice Audio every Friday at 7:00 pm UTC (8:00 pm BST/IST 9:00 pm CEST). 

Around the World Playlist 5 April 2019

Here is the playlist for tonight (7:00 pm UTC 8:00 pm GMT) Downloadable programme to follow.

Hrdza’s new album Neskrotený

“Welcome to Slovakia” they sing on Hit, a track on Hrdza’s new album Neskrotený. It is a thrill of an album using wit, style and excellent musicianship.

Community Podcasters are the new Punks

Three chords and a guitar? Community podcasters have an audio recorder and a determination to have their voices heard. Just like punks in the 1970s who demystified the record industry.

My new Mixcloud channel

After much messing about I have signed up to Mixcloud to try it out. Not so many clever mixes, more a playlist. 

This is a Song from Europe part 1 (there may be more) and the first episode on what I call Davy Sims’s World Music Radio.

Janez Fajfar re-elected Mayor of Bled

Župan Janez Fajfar has been re-elected mayor of Bled once again. He was standing unopposed. Here is an interview he did for the Firsthand Guide to Bled.

Pod Lipo Restaurant Ljubljana

Staying in an Air B&B on Rimska cesta Ljubljana took us from our usual patch in the old town and led us to do what I enjoy most, exploring.

Total Slovenia News

A new English language news and current affairs website Total Slovenia News has recently launched.

Returning to Podcasting

After much thought and deliberation (i.e. dithering) I have decided to revive my tech and media podcast – and extending it to music. Testing for the bathroom effect in the kitchen. (Audiophiles will get that one). 

First recording next week with Popup (Ross Moffett) and musicians Sonja Sleator and Chase the River). That should be available Thursday 8 March. Subscribe here.

First recording next week with Popup (Ross Moffett Sonja Sleator and Chase the River)

New podcast coming soon

Starting at the beginning of March, I will be launching my new podcast. I will be talking about Technology, media, innovation, creativity and investment. Whatever tickles my fancy really – really. In the first episodes., guests will include people who are involved in creating virtual reality, there will be games developers, and I’ll be talking to some innovators – people who have struck out to do something new.


With life being a little less busy and enjoying the imaginary Meditteranean project, I’m getting more time to read. Project Med inspired me to engage with authors I might otherwise not know. At the same time, I am reading books I probably would usually reach for.

The “Podcasting For …” project

The original idea remains the same: anyone who wants to podcast can. The more they know about radio and audio production, the better their podcasts will be and these “Podcasting For …” books (Communities and Journalism Students) will help them on their way.

On the road and in the air

I was hoping to spend all of January here, but as Harold McMillan once said, “Events.” I was anticipating three trips to Dublin to teach the Radio for Journalists course. They begin on Wednesday. As I said to the former head of tourism here getting away from Slovenia is relatively easy; coming here is not.

Back to work 2017

At some point over Christmas I began to write predictions for 2017; questioning algorithms, rise in media literacy and fixing the internet to make it a less horrible place – maybe that is about people rather than internet.

Podcasting – where to start?

Just yesterday, I got a call from a young magazine publisher. He had heard about Podcasting for Communities from a mutual friend and wanted to find out how to start a podcast for the magazine. He said that they had been thinking… Continue Reading →

“Podcasting for Community Organisations” and “Podcasting for Journalism Students”

Two boos to accompany the Podcasting For series.

Music in podcasts – Part 1 PRS

It is one of the thorniest problems. You want to add some music to your podcast. You don’t have a friendly composer and musician to make the music for you and you decide you would like to use some of your favourite music.

Protected: Podcasting book preview

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Brexit and the Creative Industries: a perspective from Ireland

I don’t intend discussing Brexit, but I offer this link to anyone interested in listening. How might musicians and Film and TV makers be affected by Brexit as seen from Dublin? It is a podcast from the Irish Times. “The… Continue Reading →

Dupain: From Marseilles, “Occitan” and “Celtique” music mixed with electronics and noise

It is not easy to find information (in English) about Dupain. In my continuing search to find really interesting music that I’ve not heard before, this Occitan band is my next stop, and I might hang around here for a while. Since their reformation in 2011 they have been experimenting with electronic, jazz and experimental noise. The most recent studio album is La Sòrga which I have been listening to over the last few days.

The most wonderful thing I have ever heard …

Driven away from morning radio current affairs in this run up to the referendum by lies, exaggerations, appalling condescension and guesses presented as fact, I am re-discovering podcasts. Here are some favourites that have brightened my mornings and evenings now that Today and PM are abandoned.

Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing 29 May

As the paint splattered, “Colourful Revolution” continues in Macedonia, and in part as a response, the country’s President Gjorge Ivanov has revoked pardons for 22 of 56 politicians, which sparked the protests.

Image: Twitter/Balkan Newsbeat

Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing – Week Ending 22 May 2016

In addition to the news this week former Bosnian foreign minister and ambassador to the United Nations writes about countries unmoved by the Sarajevo siege …
Image: By Christian Maréchal – Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6369728

Slovenia & Balkan Weekly News Briefing – Week Ending 1 May 2016

The Eurovision Song Contest is but 2 weeks away and the non-musical pseudo political rumbles have begun. Sympathy, please for the people of Romania who will neither be represented on the Eurovision stage, even though they had a qualifier Moment… Continue Reading →

Interview tips from will.i.am’s PR

If you don’t know how to, the PR will give you interview tips …

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