Digital – Archive, Analogue – Decoration. Is a paperback analogue or is it just a thing?

The convenience: at one time I owned more than 5,000 of those vinyl albums. At one time or another the total, 10,000 would be a close approximation. I own none now. Precisely zero. Gave them all away. They took up so much room. But I have begun to buy books again. Paper books.

Create2014 Conference and KickStarter

I am very proud to have been invited to speak at Create2014 in Derry~Londonderry September 17 as part of CultureTECH week. With in 24 hours of launching their KickStarter, the reached 50% of their goal and are as I write £311 short of their £2,500 target with 25 days left to go. You can Back them Read more about Create2014 Conference and KickStarter[…]

Phone numbers from 1989 for Nelson Mandella and Vaclav Havel

Way back in time, we used to keep numbers on cards in cardboard boxes. I was working in current affairs at a really interesting time; fall of communist governments in Europe and release of Nelson Mandella, When I was packing up to move house a few weeks ago I found these cards. Home number of Read more about Phone numbers from 1989 for Nelson Mandella and Vaclav Havel[…]

Davy and Dawn’s Big Adventure

A few days ago I told the team I work with at WIMPS (http://www.wimps.tv) that I am leaving Public Achievement. It was neither an easy nor snap decision. I have been with PA since January 2011. Next Monday (31 March), they will be in Stormont at the launch of the evaluation report of the project. Read more about Davy and Dawn’s Big Adventure[…]

Davy’s on the road again – again

I’m about to get busy, again. Today and tomorrow producing a live webcast from the Confidence in Policing conference at Titanic Belfast for Northern Ireland Policing Board. Then to Paris from Thursday to Sunday for a conference “Using Traditional and New Media For Campaigns Against Prejudice, Xenophobia and Discrimination“. Then Marino College Dublin until Wednesday Read more about Davy’s on the road again – again[…]

Ukraine, Russia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the First World War

It is coincidence rather than planning that on the centenary of the beginning of the First World War I am reading The Radetzky March. Detective novels and spy stories are my usual page turners. But e-readers give you a cheap option of finding something entirely new; and I like the Strauss  – and I heard Read more about Ukraine, Russia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the First World War[…]

Tulip City Hotel, Istanbul

Review in Trip Advisor  I was on business and attending meetings nearby. One of the reasons I chose Tulip City was that it was recommended by colleagues in Istanbul and the price which was fantastic value for money. I didn’t check any reviews before hand but had assumed it was part of the Tulip chain Read more about Tulip City Hotel, Istanbul[…]

Rok’s Funeral

Ljubljana February 14 2013 The priest recites prayerful rhythms I partly recognise. “This must be the ‘Glory Be’… This must be the ‘Our Father’ … ” as we call these prayers at home twelve hundred miles away from this Alpine village where the evergreens are white today. —— Snow is falling in Gatwick as the Read more about Rok’s Funeral[…]

WIMPS at South Africa’s Media Conference for Youth

A short report written for a different blog. The coach’s engine was overheating. Outside the sun was beating down – it was 35 degrees. Inside, the coach air conditioning was on full pelt to keep us cool. And we were singing Jingle Bells. “Dashing through the snow?” Hardly. Welcome to mid-December on the Western Cape. Read more about WIMPS at South Africa’s Media Conference for Youth[…]

Gumboot Dance – the Media Kidocracy Konference talent night winners

While working in South Africa at the beginning of December 2012 at the Media Kidocracy Konference organised by Bush Radio, the organisers held a talent night for the young people at the conference. The winners were these guys. Not the best recording I’ve ever made, but I hope you watch it and enjoy it. Gumboot Read more about Gumboot Dance – the Media Kidocracy Konference talent night winners[…]

Social Media for Social Change – Express Yourself

Notes from a presentation I gave to the Media Kidocracy Konference organised by Bush Radio in South Africa December 2012 to an audience average age 15-16 Your Social Media Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Tumblr. That’s what most of us think about when we hear about Social Media. And since I arrived here in South Africa Read more about Social Media for Social Change – Express Yourself[…]

Digital Lunch: Belfast2020

Mick Fealty (editor founder and driving force behind Slugger O’Toole) organises weekly Digital Lunches on Google Hangout. Mick has kindly invited me to take part in several. This is todays. The synopsis from Slugger O’Toole: “Today’s … is the first in a two lunchtime session which will consider the future of Belfast over a relative medium Read more about Digital Lunch: Belfast2020[…]