The start of a summer of festivals

The start of the Bled Film Festival today is the beginning of a series of festivals and events that takes us from mid-June to close to the end of August with barely a break. One night last summer I left two or three performances in the middle of Bled and during the 25 minute walk Read more about The start of a summer of festivals[…]

Dinner at A l’Art Bled – Vila Istra

This is a review written for Trip Advisor This was the most inventive and memorable dinner I have had in many years. A good dinner is not just about sitting down and eating; it is about the whole experience and the company. Dawn and I arrived a little early – no problem a cold glass Read more about Dinner at A l’Art Bled – Vila Istra[…]

In praise of easyJet … Honest!

In praise of a budget airline with world class standards. The the last three years I have taken between 20 and 30 flights on easyJet. It has been consistently good to a pleasure. And half of those flights have been with someone needing “special assistance”. Long gone the days when we passengers were herded into Read more about In praise of easyJet … Honest![…]

Davy and Dawn’s Big Adventure

A few days ago I told the team I work with at WIMPS ( that I am leaving Public Achievement. It was neither an easy nor snap decision. I have been with PA since January 2011. Next Monday (31 March), they will be in Stormont at the launch of the evaluation report of the project. Read more about Davy and Dawn’s Big Adventure[…]

Using Traditional and New Media For Campaigns Against Prejudice, Xenophobia and Discrimination

The December meeting of the Grundvig group was held in Cezayir Istanbul. These are some of the social media links to resources and work of some of the people and organisations who presented to the group. Ekran Saka a professor at Istanbul Bilgi University began the session on the 4th December. Ekran specialises in communications and new Read more about Using Traditional and New Media For Campaigns Against Prejudice, Xenophobia and Discrimination[…]

Tulip City Hotel, Istanbul

Review in Trip Advisor  I was on business and attending meetings nearby. One of the reasons I chose Tulip City was that it was recommended by colleagues in Istanbul and the price which was fantastic value for money. I didn’t check any reviews before hand but had assumed it was part of the Tulip chain Read more about Tulip City Hotel, Istanbul[…]

How travel has changed in under two decades

I have travelled a lot since the mid 1990s. This week I was in Istanbul for the first time since 1996 and I began to think about how travel has changed. Here are 15 thoughts. There are plenty more. This was written while on the Istanbul-Stansted leg of this flight.     Then Finding a Read more about How travel has changed in under two decades[…]

Airport Lounge: No 1 Stansted

Now don’t get confused. There are two No 1 Gatwicks; domestic and international. If you are on a domestic flight and go to the international, it causes all sorts of problems and hullabaloos. The international is at Gate 16. The domestic is tucked away so far at Gate 57, you certainly need a drink when Read more about Airport Lounge: No 1 Stansted[…]

Airport Lounge S. Gokcen Istanbul

Small comfortable lounge with snacks, soft drinks, beer, wine. No hot food when I was there at breakfast time, but there was cereal, sandwiches. Good Lavazza coffee. TV tuned to music channel. Turkish news papers a few English language mazazines. One hour wifi. But I expect if you asked you would get more. €35 if Read more about Airport Lounge S. Gokcen Istanbul[…]

Rok’s Funeral

Ljubljana February 14 2013 The priest recites prayerful rhythms I partly recognise. “This must be the ‘Glory Be’… This must be the ‘Our Father’ … ” as we call these prayers at home twelve hundred miles away from this Alpine village where the evergreens are white today. —— Snow is falling in Gatwick as the Read more about Rok’s Funeral[…]

WIMPS at South Africa’s Media Conference for Youth

A short report written for a different blog. The coach’s engine was overheating. Outside the sun was beating down – it was 35 degrees. Inside, the coach air conditioning was on full pelt to keep us cool. And we were singing Jingle Bells. “Dashing through the snow?” Hardly. Welcome to mid-December on the Western Cape. Read more about WIMPS at South Africa’s Media Conference for Youth[…]

Gumboot Dance – the Media Kidocracy Konference talent night winners

While working in South Africa at the beginning of December 2012 at the Media Kidocracy Konference organised by Bush Radio, the organisers held a talent night for the young people at the conference. The winners were these guys. Not the best recording I’ve ever made, but I hope you watch it and enjoy it. Gumboot Read more about Gumboot Dance – the Media Kidocracy Konference talent night winners[…]

Teaching Blogging in South Africa

Here are the numbers. As I write, Lake Malawe is, at a guess, fifty to one hundred miles to the west. I’m 35,000 feet above ground travelling at 568 miles an hour in an Emeritz Airbus 340-400 on a 10 hour flight from Cape Town (on the west cape of South Africa) to the desert Read more about Teaching Blogging in South Africa[…]

Marhaba lounge Dubai

First impressions were not good. One of the worlds great airport and I was expecting something outstanding. The book/cover judgement comes into operation here. The very busy and very ordinary lounge blossoms at around 4 am when you begin to consider another drink wine and spirits – or breakfast orange juice. Until then the sandwiches Read more about Marhaba lounge Dubai[…]