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The history of Bled’s Rowing Club reflects the history of not just Bled town, but Slovenia itself. There have been organised rowing competitions here since at least the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.


There were organised rowing competitions during the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, The Kingdom of Yugoslavia, then the Yugoslav communist era when rowing as a competitive sport was first taken seriously and now today with Slovenia, as an independent country and the club attracting, athletes from around the world.

For tourists, the lake is a place for fun and recreation. But competitive rowers, come throughout year and from early spring you’ll see events from youth programmes right up to Olympic level.

On this episode of Bled Stories, the Bled Rowing Club.


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Jernej Slivnik is Secretary General of the Slovenian Rowing Federation and Co-Director of the Bled Rowing Organising Committee and my guide through the history of the club. The Bled Stories podcast is about the people who make Bled the place it is. The series is an accompaniment to The Firsthand Guide to Bled books. 

Rowing is Jernej’s passion. It’s a family commitment. Indeed, his father was one of the leading lights who developed the Bled rowing team as serious Olympic competitors. And for Jernej, rowing is a way of life.

The Bled Rowing Centre is at Župančičeva ulica 9 (Phone: +386 40 220 886). On regatta day, on any competition day there is a busy, exciting atmosphere around the clubhouse – dozens and dozens of trailers stacked with boats can be seen parked on every available square metre in and around the bay. The main club building is historic, and the boathouse itself was built about 60 years ago.

It was from that time Bled rowers began their path to Olympic success.

Even when there are no events on, and especially on a sunny day, the Rowing Centre can be busy, but it is open to the public; the bar, the terrace café and the restaurant.

Jernej is just one of the people interviewed in the Standard and Special editions of Firsthand Guide to Bled Slovenia 2018. You can also read about Domen from Triglav Adventures, the Mayor Janez Fajfar, Lea Ferjan from Bled Castle and others.


The Firsthand Guide to Bled 2018 is no longer available as a book or for Kindle. It is not yet completly out of date and you can download a PDF free. 


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