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The hop on hop off bus is back on the roads again in July and August 2018 [details here www.radolca.si/en/activities-and…ourist-bus/friday]. Starting at Bled and Radovljica taking a different route every day into the small towns and villages where you might not otherwise think about going.

You can hop on anywhere along the route, hop off when you are tempted, pick up the next bus later in the day, go to another place … all day. There are beautiful places to see, walks to take and – here’s my favourite – lunches to eat.

And one cold November morning, I took a bus to Tržič.

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I’m Davy Sims and I wrote the Firsthand Guide to Bled. This is my “Bled Stories” podcast. In the first three episodes I talked to people who help make Bled the place it is today. But this episode is about a neighbouring town. In the book I write about Bled as a base from where you can set off to visit other places; Radol’ca, Nova Goriza, Kranj, Skofia Loka, Vilach in Austria and Trizic among other places.

You don’t have to wait until the Hop on Hop off bus is in operation, of course. I took two busses to Tržič on cold November morning.

My first stop in Paradiž was the Germovka Forge [www.visit-trzic.com/en/attractions/…ovka-forge.html]. It’s now an historic exhibit rather than a working forge. Paradiž sounds like an odd name – Paradise? There are a couple of places with that name in Slovenia – and in Croatia, too. It doesn’t translate as Paradise, though. And while this is a pretty place now, the area had been a centre of for iron work since the 14th century. As in Kropa about 20 kms away (and another place to visit on a day trip, by the way), Iron work 500 years ago was hot and smoky, dangerous and closer to hades than paradise.

Apart from iron, leather, wood, and textile industries were important to the town’s economy.

I love to explore Slovenia using Bled as a base. There are some suggestions in the Firsthand Guide to Bled – available on Amazon – paperback and Kindle. And there are sections on Slovenian Wine, Slovenian Food too, and dozens of reviews, interviews and suggestions of things to do and see. Search Amazon for Firsthand Guide to Bled 2018.

This is what I do – no plan, no maps. stumble from find to find, sighting to sighting. I suppose if I had thought about what I wanted to achieve in the town, I might have walked down fewer dead ends. But there is an excitement in the unexpected.

Over the commentary There is a reason why the buildings in the old town are all from around the mid-1800s. There was a massive fire in the town in 1811 which destroyed almost the whole town. The town centre of has been protected as a cultural heritage site since 1985.

There are three main sections to the museum, the newest permanent exhibition is about the life of the tanners of Tržič. Then there is the Slovenian skiing museum. And the shoe making section of the Museum [www.visit-trzic.com/en/attractions/…zic-museum.html].

I had an excellent pizza in Pizzerija Dolhar [www.malcajt.com/gorenjska/trzic/p…a-pod-gradom.html].

If during the summer you take the hop on hop off bus it is definitely a place to go. If the bus isn’t running, I left Bled and connected in Radovljica.

The Firsthand Guide to Bled 2018 is no longer available as a book or for Kindle. It is not yet completly out of date and you can download a PDF free. 


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