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Restaurants and Cafes in Ljubljana – some suggestions

A friend of a friend emailed me. He and his wife were going to Slovenia for a holiday and he would be grateful for any suggestions. The Visit Ljubljana website is excellent for places to go and things to do, but I think personal recommendations are better for restaurants and cafes (beats TripAdvisor hands down to actually speak to someone).

Last week an other friend of a relative said he was going to Ljubljana and Bled and asked for suggestions. So here are a few thoughts on restaurants in Ljubljana. Fir information on Bled, I have written this book.

You’ll never go hungry in Holywood – Third Edition

For such a small town, there are an awfully big number of places to eat.

You’ll never go hungry in Holywood

Cafe Nero opened today in Holywood.  That means there are at least 12 coffee/snack places plus carry-outs and restaurants. From memory, here's a list starting at the top (Belfast end) of the town  – a total distance of 500 yards:… Continue Reading →

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