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What do you want to say? First know your audience

My communications mantra hasn’t changed much over the years. I have found it serves me well.

Interview with Malachi O’Doherty

Trying to put Malachi into any convenient category is far from easy. His work, hobbies and interests constantly overlap. But the core is journalism. He is a podcaster, photographer, journalist, writer, commentator in print and broadcast media.

My online plans for 2016

In 2016 I will be changing my approach to social media.

Blogging Tips

I declare myself a really crap blogger. You can find plenty of evidence here. I am inconsistant – rather than put any effort into it I only blog when I feel like it I almost never research anything – opinion, opinion, opinion. Does anyone really n…


I’ve just curated (no, not written – the word to be used is ‘curated’) my first story on Storyful.com I’m not going to link to it from here (or anywhere, come to that). It was not an intuitive process. I’m not sure… Continue Reading →

Keeping journalism relevant in the age of “publishing for everyone”

The oldest journalism organisation in the US, the Society of Professional Journalists is looking at future challenges to journalism in the digital age. Nieman Journalism Lab has published 10 points on how that can be achieved based on this report. Any one of the… Continue Reading →

New Media, Old Media

The Old Media (Mainstream Media) versus New Media (Social Media) argument became stale along time ago. The argument that new/social media would replace or become more important than newspapers, TV, radio (noooo nothing could ever replace radio, ev…

Harrison Photography

John Harrison is one of Northern Ireland’s news photography legends. I was asked to write a profile about him which has just appeared in digitalassetmanagement.org.uk “When John Harrison founded Harrison Photography in 1994, he didn’t realise that…

Can Journos and Bloggers live together?

It’s often fought in London, New York, LA. But has it been argued in Belfast? The Blogger and the Journalist, MSM and New Media. My view is simple – Lou Reed is a Journalist, Dr Johnson was a Journalist, anyone… Continue Reading →

Where the Mountains of Mourne

Off to Newcastle to the FIFA thing.  I am not a sports fan, it’s a pleasure to be there and I appreciate that sitting down with Seb Blatter at lunchtime is something of a privilege.  And a very pleasant time… Continue Reading →

Funeral for a friend

Some of us called him “Rockin’ Robbo”; he got that name when he was working in Downtown.  “The wee man with the glasses. “ had other names.  But he was more a jazzer than a rocker. A husband and father… Continue Reading →

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