Keeping journalism relevant in the age of “publishing for everyone”

The oldest journalism organisation in the US, the Society of Professional Journalists is looking at future challenges to journalism in the digital age. Nieman Journalism Lab has published 10 points on how that can be achieved based on this report. Any one of the points is a challenge; let’s take number 6 as an example: Engage journalists and the Read more about Keeping journalism relevant in the age of “publishing for everyone”[…]

Can Journos and Bloggers live together?

It’s often fought in London, New York, LA. But has it been argued in Belfast? The Blogger and the Journalist, MSM and New Media. My view is simple – Lou Reed is a Journalist, Dr Johnson was a Journalist, anyone who records and interprets the world around them in words (whether set in music, paper, Read more about Can Journos and Bloggers live together?[…]

Where the Mountains of Mourne

Podcast: Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSSOff to Newcastle to the FIFA thing.  I am not a sports fan, it’s a pleasure to be there and I appreciate that sitting down with Seb Blatter at lunchtime is something of a privilege.  And a very pleasant time was had by all. It’s interesting Read more about Where the Mountains of Mourne[…]