Restaurants and Cafes in Ljubljana – some suggestions

A friend of a friend emailed me. He and his wife were going to Slovenia for a holiday and he would be grateful for any suggestions. The Visit Ljubljana website is excellent for places to go and things to do, but I think personal recommendations are better for restaurants and cafes (beats TripAdvisor hands down to actually speak to someone).

Last week an other friend of a relative said he was going to Ljubljana and Bled and asked for suggestions. So here are a few thoughts on restaurants in Ljubljana. Fir information on Bled, I have written this book.

You’ll never go hungry in Holywood

Cafe Nero opened today in Holywood. That means there are at least 12 coffee/snack places plus carry-outs and restaurants.From memory, here’s a list starting at the top (Belfast end) of the town – a total distance of 500 yards: High Street …Bukar…