Podcast: Episode 3 – Deepa Mann-Kler artist and VR developer

Deepa talks about her journey from being a teenage photographer, studying social policy at the LSE in London,  moving to Belfast to work as an equality officer in the city,  becoming an artist and now a creator of virtual reality and immersive experiences.

Returning to Podcasting

After much thought and deliberation (i.e. dithering) I have decided to revive my tech and media podcast – and extending it to music. Testing for the bathroom effect in the kitchen. (Audiophiles will get that one). 

First recording next week with Popup (Ross Moffett) and musicians Sonja Sleator and Chase the River). That should be available Thursday 8 March. Subscribe here.

First recording next week with Popup (Ross Moffett Sonja Sleator and Chase the River)

Google Buzz or Google Zzzz?

This is a version of my Belfast Telegraph column for this week:  Less than a month ago Google launched their social networking and messaging tool Google Buzz to a largely lukewarm reception.  In late 2007 Google acquired the Jaiku social network that could have been strong competition for Twitter, but they didn’t appear to give Read more about Google Buzz or Google Zzzz?[…]

ITLG shortlists dozen Irish startups for “Silicon Valley Comes to Ireland” Belfast event

  Just got this from the Irish Technology Leadership Group who are visiting Belfast next month.  Four NI Tech companies on the short list.  Congratulations to them. Campbell, California, September 24, 2009 – Twelve high-potential technology companies from across Ireland, north and south, have been shortlisted to attend a series of workshops in Belfast on October Read more about ITLG shortlists dozen Irish startups for “Silicon Valley Comes to Ireland” Belfast event[…]