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It’s astonishing what you find on Wikipedia.  It’s only recently that I discovered there that I discovered that I was born on the same day that Heartbreak Hotel was released.  Although I”ve never been an Elvis fan.

In the late ’70’s when the smell of Punk was still fresh in the Belfast air, I began my broadcasting career playing loud, discordant music to a small audience of radio listeners. Following a stupid argument with a BBC executive I was hired as a radio producer by the corporation to establish a "youth programme" at a time when "youth" a fashionable accessory for the broadcasters of the UK. I continued to present occasionally, including a series for TV which all now accept to be a "mistake".


In the 1980s I was to been found in the glittering world of Radio 1 during the last days of the Smiley and Nicey brigade, and in the intellectual capital of broadcasting, Radio 4, working for two periods until overcome by home sickness and an unalterable belief that there is no place better than Northern Ireland. And that was when Northern Ireland was generally a dangerous place to be. I returned home to work on a range of programmes on Radio Ulster.


I joined BBC Online in 1999 first as a producer and was appointed Editor in 2002 overseeing the production of bbc.co.uk/northernireland and interactive and enhanced TV productions. The growth of New Media audiences has been staggering. The website now has more monthly users than there are people in NI and around 12 million page impressions each month.

In the vanguard of driving forward a digitally aware and literate Northern Ireland, I work with several other organisations including NI Government departments, BT, Business in the Community, Educational Guidance Service for Adults, BBC R&D, Qinetiq, Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, Invest NI and a whole bunch of others.

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