Scobles: 10 Tips to a Killer Blog


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Ten tips to a killer blog

Robert Scoble

Maryam Ghaemmaghami Scoble




  1. Blog cause you want to
  2. Read other blogs
  1. Pick out writing styles that you like
  2. Are you compelled to become part of the conversation?  If not, blogging really isn’t for you
  • Pick a niche you can own (be dfferent)
  1. People who write about a specific niche seems to gather an audience faster.  Generalists have a harder time.
  • Link to other blogs
  1. Begin a conversation
  2. Talk about them
  3. Comment on their blog with a relevant comment
  • Admit mistakes
  1. Gains credibility
  2. People keep piling on if you don’t
  • Write Good Headlines
  1. Good headlines get noticed by people in a hurry (who read feeds as a “river of news”.
  • Use other media
  1. Techcrunch uses a graphic in every post
  2. Video
  3. Podcast
  • Have a voice
  • Get outside the blogosphere
  1. Go to conferences
  2. Meet ups
  3. Geek dinners
  4. Create those personal relationships
  • Market yourself
  1. Put url on your business card, email
  2. Stand out
  • Write well
  • Expose yourself
  1. Not Chris Pirillo style
  2. People want authenticity and exposing yourself a little lets people know you are a human being.
  3. Tell interesting personal tidbits that show your uniqueness
  • Help other people blog
  1. Bring new voices into the blogosphere, making our world more interesting
  • Engage with commenters
  1. Respond
  2. Respond quickly
  • Keep your integrity
  1. Disclose sponsorships or paid interests
  2. Let people know who you are


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