Air America’s ABC Blacklist


A simple lesson why publically funded public service broadcasting is not so bad, after all.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Karl Rove, George W. Bush
This week we learned that some 90 major corporations demanded that their ads be pulled from radio stations that run Air America programming, demonstrating the fundamental challenge facing everyone working to promote critical journalism and a vibrant free press.

First off, let’s clarify why this is taking place: The crime isn’t that Air America is partisan.

All or most of these firms advertise on politically conservative talk radio programs and/or stations. And the crime isn’t even being "liberal." Some of these advertisers have moderate or liberal executives who donate to Democratic candidates and are far from rabid conservatives.

So what is the problem? While "liberal" Air America clearly favors big D Democrats, unlike virtually all other programming on commercial radio and television, it gives airtime to reports that are critical of corporations and the powerful politicians they keep in Washington.

This is the heart of the problem: Air America commits a crime called journalism. Almost none of the so-called conservative radio shows or networks do any semblance of actual reporting. They merely pontificate — repeating talking points that seem to be emailed straight from Karl Rove’s laptop.


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