Airports Rant


Believe me – I am all for airport secutity.  I live under two airport approaches and who knows how many flight paths.  I travel by air almost every week and if security want to search my stuff, frisk me or even if Special Branch want to ask me questions – well that’s OK. 

Today I was left feeing humiliated at Belfast City Airport.  Removing slip on penny loafers is one thing – but a random search which requires taking off high laced Timberland boots, was bad.  Worse was trying to re-lace them and tie them up as the passengers behind me filed past. 

I did call for the superior officer and said that I was not complaining nor was I angry (although truth is I was bloody angry), neither did I say I was "being himiated", but that I "felt humiliated" as I stood on one foot, the other on a chair I had dragged over to the X-ray trying not to fall over.

Not good enough – and really no way to complain without the fear of being restricted from taking the flight or any flight.

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