Flash Home Pages


Having spent a few hours surfing round some websites for businesses in Northern Ireland, there are some matters which disturb me.

Apart from the obvious – sites that are never updated – the one big niggle I have is Flash Home Pages. The only place they are useful is on a design companies site.  But why on the home page either?  One click on would do.

The second point is that Flash pages are less likely to be updated than more basic HTML pages.

What a Flash homepage says to me is "Isn’t this business clever in hiring me – this flash designer and animater to build their site?"

A Flash Home  Page will always say more about the designer than the business it represents.

The user wants to get in, get the info and get out.  A Website should get them to the info they want as fast as possible, but then offer more so they are tempted to hang around the site and get more stuff.  That’s where the true design talent comes in.  Designing content navigation that compells people to stay.

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