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Spent the morning at Eventure’s Media Eye event and had a really interestingtime meeting people who are largely in PR and Marketing.  The speech was OK – but I really enjoyed talking on e to one (although that was in groups). Having blown a whole section on YouTube and out of the speech I soon discovered that YouTube is not as well known to everyone as I had expected.  Most of the time people were interested in Blogs and Blogging.  Although it did get a bit hairy when I tried to explain how RSS feeds work.  It’s much easier to show someone rather that talk in abstract terms.

Also great to see some old friends like Harry Castles from Downtown and snapper John Harrison.

There was a lot of interest in Blogging which some people hadn’t heard of, some had but didn’t know what it was some who read blogs and none that Blogged.  I hope I didn’t over sell it, but I di encourage everyone who was really interested to read Naked Conversations and to visit sites like Strange Attractor

If you were there (or wern’t) and want to know more, the additional text and links are here

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