More Sleepy than Greedy


Mr. Greedy used to be Ivan Martin’s nick name – few of us call him that any more.  But poor Ivan has been more sleepy these days than greedy. Having spent God-knows-how-many-years doing Downtown’s breakfast show, he returned last November to the U105 breakfast with his old partner Richard Young.

I had lunch with Ivan last Thursday – first time I have seen him all year.  He told me that the long days, early starts and late nights working on his sports reports were mounting up and he’d decided to drop the U105 show.

I had been listening to it from time to time – not as often as Radio Ulster (well, you have to be loyal to your employer).  It was a good show –  mildly nostalgic, I suppose, but not intentionally so.

U105 does seem to be struggling to pull a strong audience.  I don’t need to look at the audience figures to know that.  Get into any taxi in Belfast and check out what the driver is listening to.  Rarely is it U105.

However that is not a scientific way of collecting audience data.  The drivers don’t often listen to Radio Ulster – by far the market leader.  The driving constituancy do like their City Beat.  That was always going to be U105’s competition was going to be; not Radio Ulster.

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