The first time Alan Bleasdale’s GBH was broadcast on Channel 4, I missed several episodes. When it was repeated last year I missed them all. So when I went to the 4oD site I decided that was where I was going to testing the service. to cut to the end of the story – I was very satisfied.

The range of programmes was good, rather than impressive. The speed for Download was very impressive – this is a 75 minute programme and took around about that time to download. I’m used to torrents which can take hours and hours to download 45 minutes. I was also probably lucky that no one else was using the wireless hub at home.

£0.99p per programme (to rent) isn’t bad, really. When the BBC’s i-Player is released, programmes will be free but available only for a limited time. But there are free programmes; Celeb Big Brother, some early Desperate Housewives and some Documentaries but nothing to send my heart racing – or my connection downloading.

At £1.99 there are channel 4 movies to download, Now I don’t think these can be burned on to CD and played on TV, so the viewing experience is limited to PC – is it worth while? Not for me – but perhaps for you.

This is a great start. I remember soon after iTunes was released you didn’t get access to every album you might like, but it improved day by day and I expect 4oD will progress in a similar fashion.

What’s important is it has already begun the conversation at home; "Do we really need Sky?"


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