Big Bumper Science Quiz


And for those watching tonight in Northern Ireland (or in UK on a platform where you can see BBC Northern Ireland) …

 Tonight from W5 at the Oddessy in Belfast The Big Bumper Science Quiz.

You can play here online from today, where you can print off a Big Bumper Science Quiz certificate with your score and grade.

We’ll be breaking your results down into counties and gender to see who and where the top scientists are in Northern Ireland.

Hosted by Eamon Holmes and Christine Bleakley, The Big Bumper Science Quiz will be broadcast live from W5 at the Odyssey complex in Belfast tonight beginning at 9.00pm.

On the night of the quiz you can play along at home via the red button or use your mobile phone to send us your answers.

The programme is produced by Wild Rover and the interactivity by the guys from BBC’s eTV in London and the new Media team here.

If they let me into the playout, there might be photos tomorow.

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