When the hype dies down


From The World in 2007 print edition of The Economist

After a bout of silliness, Web 2.0 will in 2007 begin to change mainstream society, says Andreas Kluth

… "As we head into 2007, there are by some counts more than 400 social-networking sites, all trying to become the next MySpace; more than 200 web-video sites, all trying to become another YouTube; more than 300 “social-bookmarking” sites, and hundreds of “meta-sites” that “aggregate” the other sites by spitting out computer-generated lists of hyperlinks. Rhetorically, the entrepreneurs behind these sites usually claim that they will make money from “advertising”. In reality, most hope to sell themselves to Google, Yahoo!, News Corporation or one of the other “new” or “old” media giants long before they have to prove any revenue model. "


Plus A discussion on the future of the internet with Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google with Eric Schmidt, <here>  CEO, Google “It is clear that over the next few years people will have access to more information than they can ever handle, and that is a good thing. That information crowds out bad ideas, bad governments, bad behaviour and knowing what people are doing produces a better, more profitable, faster-growing and safer world.”

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