Palin Dairies 1969 – 1979


Ironically (or is it just co-incidentally; discuss) while I wasn’t writing my blog, I was reading someone elses diary.  And thank God I’ve finished The Michael Palin Diaries.  The book is bloody heavy – heavier than my new lap top. But I really enjoyed the read.

When I was at school MP’s Flying Circus was everybody’s favourity comedy – well, we were at that age.  I was never that big a fan, but I’ve always liked Palin’s work. I even met him once.  (I walked past Cleese once – if that counts as a name drop, too).

It has been a bit of a Palin Fest recently with the book and the DVD’s being given away in the Times.  The book is funny (at least three laugh out louds on the train) and touching.  And it is interesting to see that people as successful as the MP team could get quite so pissed around by the BBC.

I got a lot of books for Christmas and still working through them. Next is the most recent Gore Vidal memoir.  One book I have to get and read is River of Gods by Ian McDonald.

I met him recently and he told me about some great ideas for TV programmes – on in particularly I think is really exciting.  He also lives near me – so I’d better read some of his work …

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