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I’ve been travelling a lot recently and I’m on the verge of launching the search for the worst airport in the UK. I suppose there are three sections; arrival, landside departure and airside departure. They are three usually different experiences and should have their own sections.

Yesterday I experienced potential winners in worst arrival (Cardiff) and worst landside (do they call it that?). Bristol Airport was so awful mainly because of the quality of the hospitality. Here is my dilemma: I am a smoker – a social deviant. But that’s OK, I don’t like to go through security if there is nowhere to smoke beyond the x-ray machines (e.g. Birmingham). I’m more than happy to avoid airside until the last minute so I can slip outside (cold and wet or sunny or dry). That’s the price of social deviancy.

Like most business travellers, I arrive at an airport in the evening tired and hungry. There was only one place to eat yesterday in Bristol. My friends – what I was presented with for £5.99 is pictured above.

Airside it wasn’t better – there was a place to smoke, but why was the nasty loud music playing in that area only?

One positive thing about the experience was that the security staff were pleasant and unlike too many security at airports treated the travellers as humans.

The nomination for worst arrival goes to Cardiff. The airport is miles away from the city and the links are appalling. The nearest train station is a (free) bus ride away, but trains only pass once an hour!

Granted, I’ve only experienced Cardiff, Bristol, Belfast City, Belfast International, Glasgow, Birmingham, Heathrow recently. But perhaps there are "worse". All nominations welcome.

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