Dare to be Digital in Belfast


Dare to be Digital is the UK’s premier video games competition for students who love to play games, and want to design their own video game. The competition has until this year been run by University of Abertay.  http://www.daretobedigital.com/

To quote from their site

 “Dare to be Digital is an internationally renowned proving ground for talented computer science and art students to design their own original video game. Do you like to play video games? Are you serious about designing video games? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Not only will you get to design and build your dream game but we’ll host your team in well equipped computer labs and you’ll also receive funding and mentor support to help make it happen.

“Every year between June and August, students form teams of five and compete over 10 weeks to design a fully functioning video game prototype. At the end of 10 weeks, all the teams will gather at Dare Protoplay to showcase their work and be judged by industry experts. Dare Protoplay represents the most innovative design from emerging games artists and programmers and is open to the public to come and play the games.”

A couple of years ago I went to the finals presentation and as well as having an excellent jolly, I came away both impressed by the event and envious of Dundee. 

But envy no more. This year Dare to be Digital it has been "franchised" to Scotland, Wales, England and Ireland http://www.daretobedigital.com/partnership/partnership-prospectus.pdf (see page 10 of the pdf).  Belfast City Council, Queens, Digital Hub and Cinemagic are putting together a team for this year.  Students will be drawn from North and South and Queens will be the venue for the 10 week course.  From what I gathered from yesterday evening’s presentation, Queens are planning a Digital Games course from next academic year.

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