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I’ve been a two interesting conferences/meetings/symposiums (not quite sure how to label them) organised by Invest Northern Ireland in recent weeks.  The first at the Sonic Arts Centre in Queen’s University brought together a range of people from digital media.   Mind you (nearly) all media is digital, now.  It’s just that some producers don’t realise that yet.

The SARC event was the kick off (Blog here and on Monday last we worked through some of the agenda generated from that.

Some of the ideas are “no brainers” – a website open to all with an interest in digital media to provide information and showcase work as well as using social networking tools to encourage real and virtual partnerships. Other ideas were inventive.  but I’m not sure what the level of confidentiality was – so I’ll say no more.

The emerging message is “Think Big – the planet is our foot print”, although no one used that phrase (I’ll do a Creative Commons on it if you want 😉 )  To me one of key points is about clarity on who the audience/client/customer is. 

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