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After the Click Thinking meeting in the morning, off to Newry to visit the new Story Finders group there.

Story Finders is an idea that I came up with just over a year ago.  Most of the time spent then has been finding the funding and recruiting volunteers.  The original idea was to find individuals around the country.  Train them in digital recording, give them the suipport to go and find stories (of all sorts – not "traditional" news stories) who could report from their community about – well report on what ever they want.  They could then offer them to us for publication at or post the stories on their own web site or even offer it to a newspaper or other publication.  The idea is that the stories are theirs – it’s up to them what to do with them.  Our job is to help and support and drive forward digital media literacy.

That idea has blossomed largely do to the volunteers and the project co-ordinator.  We now have six groups in different stages of development.  In Newry today we were talking around editorial matters and traps that people can fall into.  There is the makings of a really good team of committed individuals and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they come up with and beginning to develop their own site with their own stories.

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