All Greek To Me


There was a really good turn out at the Innovation Centre in the Belfast Science Park for a morning session on Getting to Grips with New Media.

I was speaking about how difficult it is for big broadcasters to keep control of the “message” and the “content”.  And if it’s tough for big international multimedia organisations how tough can it be for small organisations unless they are as comfortable with new media as they are already with traditional media.

Good to see Paul Robinson from DETI there talking about the progress of the winners of the Broadband  Content Competition and Paul Connolly deputy editor of the Belfast Telegraph who has responsibility for their online site and the development of Belfast Telegraph’s TV site.  More than a year ago I said to colleagues that the print industry was rolling their tanks onto our lawns. I don’t really think anyone believed me.  Yet a year on Bel Tel and Irish News have streamed video services.  Thinking of changing my mane to Cassandra, but those rumours about me and Apollo will start all over again.

More on Greek Mythology – Sisyphus.  A little knowledge goes a long way. Yesterday I was asked this at a conference “If you had an Oracle and could ask it any question about the future of a Civil Society, what would it be?”  My answer “Is the outcome worth the effort?”  I argued that if Sisyphus had an oracle the oracle would probably say “Don’t bother pushing that boulder.  Go find something more useful to do”.

Not that I really know anything about Greek mythology.  I put it down to growing up as a Pink Floyd fan and a track called Sysyphus

The day on Civil Society was really interesting – but not reportable.  One of those days when I get home and think “I know I can talk crap at a national level – but today I broke all records at talking crap.”

And I’m sure the people who attended would agree.


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