Creative Belfast


To Ten Square for the launch of the Creative Belfast Showcase event to be held in Washington DC in June 2007.

The collaboration is between Belfast City Council, Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission, Invest Northern Ireland and Momentum

The trip to Washington on 20 and 21 June is to highlight expertise and investment potential in digital media production businesses in Belfast.

The objectives are:
• Increase the number of Belfast companies selling and working in the USA.
• Improving the business networks and partnerships with companies in Belfast and the USA.
• Raise the profile of Belfast based Film, TV and Digital Media companies in the USA. 

The focus is on Film, Television and Digital Media and the target audiences include big names like the Discovery Channel, Washington Post, Washington Chamber of Commerce.

The Washington trip comes on the heals of similar investment trips to New York and Boston.  Plans include kicking off with munchies and drinkies for 150 invited guests and more formal meetings the following day.

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