Digital Inclusion 8 May 2007


The Northern Ireland Digital Inclusion Steering Group met yesterday morning and looked at responses from some of the groups we’ve been consulting with.  We’ve spoken to representative organisations for older people and for people with disabilities trying to identify barriers to digital take up and ideas for solutions. 

Perhaps not surprisingly both groups shared the same barriers.  Access to PCs (including transport to centres, libraries etc., Fear of “looking stupid”, finding relevant content, costs, lack of support.

But over all, the question was “What’s the benefit for me?”

In the group we use internet access as guide data to digital inclusion, although we recognise the flaws in that. But on that there were some stats from Ofcom.

NI Internet Use 2006 –
All use 57%
Age 50 – 65 47%
Age 65+ – 14%
Disability – 35%
Rural – 59%
Urban – 56%

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