Don’t Skype


This message arrived in my email a few days ago –

Hi there Davy Sims,

This is a second reminder to let you know that your Skype Credit balance will
expire in 7 days time. Don’t let that happen, act today! Below is list of
actions you can take to keep your credit.

Your account details:

Skype Name: davysims
Balance: EUR 9.56
Expiry date: 2007-05-23

First – I paid for the service in advance – so Skype were earning credit in their account on my pre-payment

Second – It is no business of Skype how often I chose to check my email.

Third – there is no warning from Skype on signing up that there is a minimum usage – perhaps there is in the small print – but that I suspect is read by very few.

How dare they act in such a dishonourable way?  How dare they act as thieves?

I not only have prepaid Skype Out – but also prepaid Skype In.  Unless I get a refund (I have written to them – although there is no obvious way to complain) I will be removing the software.

This is disgraceful behavour – the amount is not significant – the attitude and the action is disgraceful.


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