“Looking forward” to another year is an exercise of optimism over experience.  The last few years have ended with expressions of “goodbye and good riddance” including 2007. So why do I stand at the beginning of 2008 and look optimistically toward the coming year?  Well if I had been in the prediction business, I would have been hounded out of town with my crystal ball and bag of entrails long ago.  There are changes afoot, and I know this time next year I will have been through some.  There‘s this for a start which will effect in small or big way everyone I know in the BBC.  It has already begun.

Let’s have a few predictions for a laugh. 

  • There will be a Big Brother in the summer – but it will either be the most controversial and sensational or be the worst performing.  It will mark the end of the franchise for Channel 4.
  • Clinton and Obama (as VP candidate) versus McCain and Guilliani (as VP candidate) in US elections.
  • Social Navigation will be pre-eminent, but towards the end of the year there will be the beginnings of a rethink and search for focus on many sites including Bebo (who will be yet again questioned about their responsibility towards young people – they have taken on a tough territory, I admire them for it) and Facebook, which will have /already has become boring.

Although I have the usual smoking/drinking/exercise new year resolutions, I think I should really try to ensure that I post more on this blog – it could be my only creative outlet by the end of the year.

If you’ve got this far – may I wish a happy and presperous new year to all our reader.