A Belfast Brand


At the final meeting of the “Reference Group” three possible Brands or Logos were put out for discussion and final decisions.  While I’ve never been told that the Reference Group were bound by Chatham House Rules or by a confidentially agreement, I think it would be wrong to be indiscreet. So I won’t be (even though on my Mobile I have a photo of the likely new logo).

The Reference Group is a sort of well informed (and very well fed) focus group.  It is composed of people from Business, Politics, Media and so on.  We were given three tested logos to review and asked to come up with some ideas about launching the new Belfast Brand.  One was rather futuristic (that was the one that I liked), one was a block typeface mess and the final one was warm and cuddly.  That was the most popular among “Locals” and “Potential Visitors”.

I made a quick presentation on behalf of “The Media” – it amazing how quiet mejia people become when asked to present.  So it was a quick commitment of sorts from us and off to get the train home.  Did suggest loudly to the Lord Mayor that he could give me a lift and drop me off on his way home in his chauffer driven car (he lives a five minute walk from me).  But he didn’t take the hint.

Anyway – I have what is likely to be the basis of the final version of the new Brand for Belfast on my mobile.  Stop me and ask and I’ll show you.

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