Award – Sort of


A call from the Irish Digital Media Awards a month or so back;  had not been nominated for an award. I decided there was not a lot of point going to the awards ceremony which is generally a pretty good night out.  Was also told that Will and Testament was not nominated for Best Blog.

But in the event held in Dublin last week, our site was "Commended for the Outstanding Entry".  We were beaten by a web site about Energy Efficiency in Ireland

Will and Testament also received a "Commendation for Outstanding Entry".  The winner was deservedly The Waiting Game.

We had only the two entries this year and over the last four years have won two Irish Digital Media Awards (including my own Hall of Fame Award) and have been short listed every year
Naturally (and properly) best wishes go to the winners.

Now waiting to hear about The Webbies and  BAFTA Interactive for the NW200 site.  Breath is being held.

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