Obama – Santos


"Over obsessing on the West Wing", I thought. "Reading too much into what’s happening!"  The West Wing has been off for quite a while now, and just when you might expect Series 8 to begin, we have a real life politico-drama playing out on CNN and BBC News 24. 

The young inexperienced Congressman fighting for leadership of the Democratic Party against the odds and the sitting VP.  The prize is the Presidency.  For that he will fight a "spry" Senator aged 70 and played by Alan Alda.  The real life story line is almost identical except the VP is the former Democratic President’s wife and the Hispanic Santos is Barak Obama.

I didn’t want ot mention these observations to anyone lest they think my enjoyment of West Wing is becoming obsessive.  Then I discover not only am I not alone, but my observations are correct.

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