Web Two Point Oh – Its Official


in the BBC at least. The BBC Pronunciation Unit of the BBC is a wonderful establishment and when I worked in radio I would often use their advice and sometimes send themadvice of my own.  Recently they undertook a consiltation on how the easilly written web 2.0 should be said.  now lets be clear.  The PU give guidence and advice, so you can pronounce it what ever way you want to.  What they wanted to know was what is best practice.

Votes cast for “two point oh”: 74%
Votes cast for “two point zero”: 14%
Votes cast for “two point nought”: 5%
Votes cast for “something else” (“web two”, “two oh” and “two dot zero” were mentioned): 5%
Votes cast for “two dot oh”: 2%


My own favourite is WebTwo Nil – but more usually two point oh.  And that’s what I’ll stick to.

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