Dirty Sexy Funny


(If nothing else the posting title here will attract even more search results.)


Channel 4 pulled in 2.7 million viewers on Friday with Dirty Sexy Money.  I was one of the happy members of that set.  It’s been something of a dry spell for US drama in the UK; major exceptions being House – new series kicked off last week, too – and Mad Men – although I’ve yet to watch it on real TV.  I suspect this will be my first internet only TV series (thanks iPlayer).

Dirty Sexy Money has got all I want on a Friday night.  It’s smart, it’s funny and it’s on before bedtime – a rarity these days for most decent programmes.  The big bonus is Donald Sutherland. And Peter Krause is a mini-bonus (not so much "Six Feet Under" fan – although Dawn is more "Sports Night" )

Laugh out loud – more please.

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