Re: Re-Branding Belfast


I’ve written a couple of times about the Re-branding Belfast exercise.  It’s a most pleasant affair. People from Belfast City Council work really hard at developing the new Belfast Brand then a group of us (apparently I’m an “opinion leader” these days) get together, eat excellent food and give our opinion on the branding/ logo etc.

This morning we agreed on the new proposed logo for Belfast.  Once – and let’s face it not so long ago – the Belfast Brand was destruction, terrorism, vandalism and violence.  The new slightly cuddly and “edgy” heart on the side shaped “b” is very different and does need some getting used to.  However as one person on my table pointed out, this is the only time you see the logo in isolation; the logo is part of the total branding.

So the slogan isn’t quite "b there or b square" but it’s a big improvement on anything in the past and an improvement on the past.

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