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On Thursday to Magee Campus of the University of Ulster in Derry.  I was part of a panel evaluating a new course; BA (Hons) Creative Technologies.  This is a fantastic course that they hope to launch for September intake.  It answers some of the expectations of the Creative Industries in Northern Ireland. There is a 300 page document outlining the course and several other documents added to that.  So in short how do I explain it? They plan to bring together computer technologies, performance arts, business and some other disciplines to build a course that is not Media Studies, but a place for young performers to understand their performance and then to build their digital stage. 

We, the panel, were extremely enthusiastic about the proposal.  It is visionary.



Normally I would drive to Derry, but this time (and from now on if possible) I took the train.  What a fantastic journey with spectacular scenery.   This is Magilligan Strand (I think) on the return journey.  Just look at the size of the empty beach and those Atlantic breakers.

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