It’s always worth reviewing predictions.  My favourite is Epic 2014  which I first watched about three years ago. Start at This Page for the background to the story and links to the videos.

There are moves every day in the internet business which bring the predictions closer (and faster) most recently the Microsoft/Yahoo failed deal – or perhaps “stalled” would be a better word than “failed”

The Irish Times comes into the office each day – but I rarely lift it to read it.  Like the Guardian, I skim the online version and sometimes take a section to read on the train home.

This story in the Irish Times from about 10 days ago is in line with the EPIC prediction from four years ago.

The report, conducted by Zogby International for the World Editors Forum and Reuters, revealed that newspaper editors were still optimistic about the future of their publications but believed they would have to adapt further for the digital age.
Some 86 per cent of respondents believed newsrooms should become more integrated with digital services as two in three believe the most common form of news consumption will be via electronic media such as online or mobiles within a decade.
"For these editors the future is self-evident and our survey shows that they see the writing on the newsroom wall," said pollster John Zogby. "The evolution of the 4th Estate is no longer questions of if, when or how. Editors now know the solution: Innovate. Integrate. Or perish."
According to the survey, 56 per cent of respondents believed that the majority of news, be it via print or online, would be free in the future. That was up from 48 per cent who answered yes a year ago.

Oh, and another good thing about newspapers online is you can find a story like this when in analogue time the paper would have gone to recycling (or to light the fire).

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