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The first tentative steps have been taken and I am now my own Boss.  SimsDigitalMedia is officially launched celebrated by me at my PC with a strong cup of coffee (is it tax deductable?). My first expensive typo has been made, too when I registered as well.  So now I’m going through the process of registering the company!  First job – what title do I give myself?  Managing Director sounds too … conventional.  I tried Creative Director – but that sounds like I have a boss.  Thought Director General – that’d be fun … but then again pompous and pretentious.

Some US New Media companies give their people great titles – Chief Evangelist, Head of Making Things Work, Director of Having Fun.  Then I remembered that Northern Ireland is insanely conservative in business matters so Managing Director it will probably be.

"So, Mr. Sims, do you have any clients?" Well, yes I do.  Two so far, and I’ve only been going for a week.  And prospects, too – several/many.  Should I be thinking of a public flotation before Christmas? Probably not.

So – here we are – available for web production, podcast production, radio production, training, and after dinner speaking.  Also considered – voice overs (done an audition, already), more radio presentation, guest "expert", dish washing, bed making and general household duties.

Oh – and U105 have invited me back to do another show – Saturday 2 August 10.00 pm to 2.00 am which is good of them.

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